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Enhance the Entrance to Your Home – Inside and Out.

When we walk or drive through the streets of residential communities, our eyes tend to rest on certain homes – those we find attractive for one reason or another. Curb appeal is important for a number of reasons, including keeping up home values in the neighborhood and for the simple enjoyment derived from living in an attractive home. What is more, we want the entrance to our home to be inviting to friends, family, and anyone else who passes by. While enhancing the entrance to a home involves more than simply placing a “Welcome” mat at the front door, the steps you can take are simple and relatively inexpensive.

– Plants and Landscaping
Clean up existing plants near the front entrance. Remove excess growth and trim back overgrown bushes and plants so they appear neat and do not overpower the entrance or hide windows. Place attractive planters or window boxes filled with greens or seasonal flowers for a touch of color.

– Walkway
Make sure the walkway is clear and in good shape. A wide concrete walkway or one made from flagstone or other attractive paver material should coordinate with the overall look and style of the house and lead visitors directly to the front door. If space allows, consider expanding a paver walkway to make a front entryway patio or courtyard which can be filled with beautiful plants and a bench or small table and chairs for a cozy seating area.

– Architectural Elements
A larger budget may allow for a redesign to give the front entrance an entirely new look. This could be as simple as replacing the front door or adding sidelights on both sides of the existing door or a transom window above it. If the front door is fully exposed and home’s design allows, consider adding a roof over the front door (or front step) or a new porch across the front of the house.

– Coordinate the Look
Use the same color or metal finish for house numbers, front porch light fixtures, and door hardware (handle and hinges). This look can be carried farther out from the front door to the garage door hardware and even the mailbox. For a pop of color, paint the front door in a contrasting or bright color to draw the eye to it. Paint front door and window trim in a color that matches the home’s exterior finish or in a contrasting color for a complete change of look. Either way, refreshing the paint on the door and trim is a worthwhile improvement.

What About Inside the Front Door?
The inside entryway to your home – the foyer – is another area of the home that can be improved with simple touches. An attractive foyer makes people feel just as welcome in a home as the exterior entrance does. Consider wall color, window treatments, and flooring types that define and separate this space from the rest of the home. The foyer should have an accent table or cabinet – a unique piece of furniture that is also functional and fits in with the rest of the home’s décor. Lighting is also important and, depending on the look and feel you want to achieve, a table lamp or chandelier are good options.

If you have an eye for design and are a do-it-yourselfer, you can probably handle many of these projects yourself. To ensure the finished project is polished and well done, consider hiring a professional contractor. A pro can provide design tips and recommendations to make sure elements align and match with the overall look, style, and architecture of your home.

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