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Understanding Kitchen Sink Mountings

Understanding Kitchen Sink Mountings If you are in the market for a new kitchen sink, you might be overwhelmed at all the available options. Decisions you’ll need to make include the sink material, style, and color. How the sink is mounted is another consideration. One important decision you’ll have to make is how the sink…

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Popular Patio Materials

The warmer weather is now upon us. It’s time to get outdoors, mow lawns, tend to gardens, and, of course, prep the patio for lazy afternoons relaxing or grilling and dining al fresco. A patio is where families and friends gather and socialize to enjoy outdoor living at its best. Homeowners often design and build…

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What Are Floating Stairs?

Floating staircases are staircases that are self-supporting. That is, they do not require support from underneath or from a wall, and, in essence, they appear to be floating. Floating staircases come in a variety of designs and are used in both residential and commercial settings, but the sleek, open look of a floating staircase lends…

Understanding Kitchen Sink Types | Sovereign Construction Services

Understanding Kitchen Sink Types

A kitchen remodel requires homeowners to make a ton of decisions – cabinets, counters, appliances, and flooring. Another decision that is no less important is the type of kitchen sink to install. Long past are the days of shallow stainless steel sinks with a black pull-out hose. Today’s sinks come in a variety of materials,…

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The Shiplap Craze

If you are a fan of home renovating and remodeling shows on TV, then you have surely heard the term shiplap. Today, shiplap is revered as a designer accent on interior walls. In the past, however, and beyond today’s decorative use inside the home, shiplap was originally used for a very practical purpose outside. Shiplap…

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What Is a Tile Backsplash?

Not long ago, a backsplash served the very utilitarian purpose of protecting a wall above a sink from splashes of water or above a stove from splashes of food that is cooking on the stove. Today’s backsplashes go way beyond simply protecting a defined space of wall above a stove or sink. Backsplashes are now…

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Deck Planking Is No Longer One-Size-Fits-All

Anyone familiar with TimberTech® knows their composite decking products are technologically advanced and highly rated. The product’s resemblance to real wood, its beauty and durability, and the fact it is low maintenance and environmentally friendly all contribute to TimberTech’s high ratings and reputation. The company has now taken its product line a step further by…

Popular Roof Types Sovereign Construction Services LLC

Popular Roof Types

Roofs come in a variety of styles and types. The primary purpose of a roof is to shelter and protect buildings and their occupants from the elements. Standard asphalt shingles or slate or clay tiles used to be about the only choices of roofing material. Today, advances in technology and attention to style and detail…

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Understanding Window Energy Efficiency

Windows are an important consideration when building a new home or addition. And when it comes time to replace windows in an existing home, homeowners would do well to understand the types of replacement windows available to them. Aside from the style of window and how they will look aesthetically, an equally important consideration is…

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Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, from apartment-sized single bathrooms to expansive spaces where the masters of the home can retreat for a luxurious bath in a spa-like environment. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, one common element – the lighting – matters in terms of functionality and design. Have you ever experienced…