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Home Security System – Yes or No?

Ads promoting home security systems are everywhere. Who hasn’t seen the TV commercials with suspicious-looking types lurking around the front porch of a home, primed to steal recently delivered packages just as the homeowner chimes in (remotely), tells the burglars to take a hike, and then hits the alarm? With their promise of protecting home…

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Find the Best Window Style for Every Need

Windows come in a variety of styles. When it comes time to install new or replace existing windows in a home, homeowners, designers, builders, and contractors often take window location and the general architecture of the home into consideration when selecting the style of windows to be installed. Windows not only let in light and…

Collegeville Porch Addition

Creating a better entrance to a home

Enhance the Entrance to Your Home – Inside and Out. When we walk or drive through the streets of residential communities, our eyes tend to rest on certain homes – those we find attractive for one reason or another. Curb appeal is important for a number of reasons, including keeping up home values in the…

Small Bathroom Remodel | Sovereign Construction Services

Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

There are many ways to make the most of a small bathroom space and even make it seem bigger. A small square footage allows opportunity for creative use of space and unique storage options. What matters most to you in a bathroom should be your guide in determining the fixtures and furnishings to be used…

Roof Cleaning | Sovereign Construction Services

Protect the Roof Over Your Head… With Annual Cleaning

The roof represents a major expense when building or renovating a house. It is also the most vulnerable exterior surface, with constant exposure to bombarding by Mother Nature’s harshest elements: pounding rain, snow, ice, scorching sun, wind-driven falling debris, and growing and spreading algae or moss. Even so, the average life expectancy of a roof…


Hard Water Can Make Life Hard

What is hard water? Water that contains high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium is considered hard. These minerals can gradually build up in fixtures and appliances, causing deposits in plumbing pipes all throughout the house. These deposits can lead to dingy, scratchy clothes from the washing machine and itchy skin and dull…