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Decorative Wall Finishes That Stun

Decorative Wall Finishes That Stun Home décor and interior design have taken homeowners to new heights in terms of wall finishes. While a simple accent wall in a contrasting paint color or wallpaper is still a popular option, other types of decorative wall finishes are gaining in popularity. The type of finish you use says…

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How to Deal with Contractor Issues

How to Deal with Contractor Issues For some people, the thought of hiring a contractor for a construction or home renovation project makes them want to run in the opposite direction. Either they have dealt with a bad contractor in the past or heard nightmarish stories from friends and family about contractors they have used.…

storm damage

Storm Damage – Insurance Claims

After the Storm Passes Southeastern Pennsylvania sees its fair share of rain, wind, and snow storms and other severe weather events year round. Prolonged frigid temperatures in the winter and rainstorms followed by flash flooding in the summer can wreak havoc on homes and businesses and cause a range of serious problems that require immediate…

What to Know about Attic Ladders | Sovereign Construction Services

What to Know about Attic Ladders

An attic is the space between the top floor of a home and the roof. Attics are sometimes used just for insulating a home against temperature extremes or maintaining the home’s heating and air conditioning equipment. Many attics are also used for storage. Accessing the attic can be done different ways: via an actual stairway…

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Understanding Kitchen Sink Mountings

Understanding Kitchen Sink Mountings If you are in the market for a new kitchen sink, you might be overwhelmed at all the available options. Decisions you’ll need to make include the sink material, style, and color. How the sink is mounted is another consideration. One important decision you’ll have to make is how the sink…

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Popular Patio Materials

The warmer weather is now upon us. It’s time to get outdoors, mow lawns, tend to gardens, and, of course, prep the patio for lazy afternoons relaxing or grilling and dining al fresco. A patio is where families and friends gather and socialize to enjoy outdoor living at its best. Homeowners often design and build…

What Are Floating Stairs? | Sovereign Construction Services

What Are Floating Stairs?

Floating staircases are staircases that are self-supporting. That is, they do not require support from underneath or from a wall, and, in essence, they appear to be floating. Floating staircases come in a variety of designs and are used in both residential and commercial settings, but the sleek, open look of a floating staircase lends…