Vegetable Garden

Have you reached the point where watering a few houseplants every week and cosmetically maintaining your landscaping is no longer rewarding? Are you ready to take your green thumb to the next level? Consider growing your own vegetables. Not only is it a rewarding hobby, you save money and time at the store and gain peace of mind knowing exactly what went into growing the food on your plate. For the best chances of success, keep the following tips in mind, especially if you’re a beginner.

  • Start small. Don’t try to grow an alphabet of vegetables on the first go-around. Pick vegetables that are easy to grow and produce a high yield throughout the season, such as peppers, squash, and tomatoes.
  • Plan, plan, plan your space. If soil conditions permit, pick a sunny spot in your yard to use exclusively for vegetables. Or, build a wood container—12’ X 12’ is plenty to start—and divide it into sections for growing different types of vegetables. This is called the “square-foot method,” and lets you subdivide the space into multiple one-foot planting squares.
  • Tight on space? Some plants grow just fine in containers on a deck or balcony.
  • Research the varieties to understand their differences in terms of plant size, yield, temperature tolerance, disease resistance.
  • If starting your vegetables from seed, start them indoors and transplant them outside at the right time. You can also purchase plants that have already been started and plant them directly into your garden.
  • An ounce of prevention… Research steps you can take to fend off insects and critters and keep your plants free of disease and fungus.
  • Feed your plants and weed regularly. Vegetable plants like soil that is both moist and contains organic matter (compost). Remove weeds so your plants continue to receive all the nutrients from the soil they can. Proper drainage is important too, to ensure the plants do not sit in standing water.
  • Know when to harvest. Every vegetable is different and can be picked at a different time. Some plants, such as leaf lettuce, continue to grow and produce, even if picked young.
  • Have fun.

Growing your own vegetables and enjoying the fruits of your labor in the form of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and more is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences you can enjoy. While there is never a guarantee in terms of how successful you’ll be, each season brings new opportunity to learn and expand options. Whether you’re a novice or master gardener, Sovereign Construction Services can you design, plan, and build the perfect vegetable garden container. Visit our website or contact us today.