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Flooring – Flooring comes in a virtually limitless variety of colors, types, styles, and materials. The flooring you choose depends on the room or space where the particular flooring will go. Not all flooring types fit in all rooms of the home. Bathrooms and laundry rooms call for one particular type of flooring, bedrooms and main living areas another, and kitchens and outdoor spaces each have particular flooring requirements.

General flooring considerations:

  • Hardwood flooring (solid or engineered) is durable for high-traffic areas and can go practically anywhere in the home.
  • Carpets bring warmth to a room and today’s colors, textures, and designs enhance the style you wish to convey.
  • Ceramic tile is durable and easy maintenance.

Your floors are more than just what you walk on—they are part of the style of your home. The professionals at Sovereign Construction Services can make flooring recommendations and design your space so that you have just the right floor for your needs and budget.

Handyman Services – Sovereign Construction Services is available for small projects or those projects on your to-do list that never seem to get done. Our team of professionals will tackle your projects efficiently and ensure they are done right. Put your project list together and call or email us to discuss. Most handyman work is done on a time-and-material basis, however, if your list is extensive we will review the entire scope of work with you prior to scheduling.

Storm Repairs, Fire/Water Restoration – Damage to your home from plumbing leaks, flooding, fire, or storms often require professional cleanup and restoration. Sovereign Construction Services has experience with damage and restoration projects, and works quickly and efficiently to return your home to its pre-damage, livable condition as quickly as possible. Call us if your basement floods from a failed sump pump or appliance, if you have wall and ceiling water damage from a storm-ravaged roof or ice dam, if a tree or limb falls on your home during a storm (whether from wind and rain or snow and ice), or for any other type of damage your property sustains. We will review your insurance adjusters estimate and work with you to obtain a fair settlement, and handle whatever damage restoration or renovation service you may need.

In all our years of service, we have never heard anyone complain that their closet is too big or too organized. The bedroom closets found in most homes today are comprised of a single rod for hanging clothing and a single shelf above the rod. This one-size-fits-all approach to closet design does not work for most people, as everyone’s wardrobe is different, and storage needs vary just as much. At Sovereign Construction Services, we believe each person’s closet should be tailored to meet those needs. A good closet remodel adds function and makes your life a bit easier with proper storage and organization. We start by looking at the size of your closet and what you use it for most. Is it mainly for clothing? Extra storage? Both? Once we understand your needs, we present closet design and organization ideas that will make your closet a space unique to you, and follow up with full installation.

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