Greenhouse Gasses

Do you live in an area where weather conditions make it impossible to grow the amount and types of plants or crops you’d like to grow throughout the year? Do want to grow your own vegetables so you can have full control in terms of the food you eat and how it is grown? Perhaps you just love the experience of growing and gardening in general, and simply want to enjoy that hobby any time you like. If you’re serious about gardening, your next step is to build your own greenhouse. You can build it yourself, build one from a kit, or hire a professional to build it for you.

The first consideration is location. Your greenhouse can be attached to an existing building (for example a house or garage) or it can be freestanding. When deciding where to build it, keep in mind the need to situate it to receive plenty of natural sunlight, preferably in morning sun to enhance plant growth. Your greenhouse should also be located in an area of good drainage, even if it means filling in uneven spaces or elevating the structure.

Next, consider the size greenhouse you want. Larger means it will cost more in general, from building materials to heating it. For planning purposes, know exactly what you want to grow, and how much. Allow sufficient size upfront, knowing that with enough space to grow, your plants will yield real results.

Once you select your location and structure type, you need to decide which glazing material will work best for your needs. Plant longevity and climate conditions are the main factors to keep in mind. The glazing covers the structure and helps let in and filter the sunlight. Glass is the most obvious and most used material, but also the most expensive. Polycarbonate covering is less expensive and retains heat better but is susceptible to wear. The least expensive material, plastic sheeting, deteriorates most quickly.

Greenhouse add-ons and accessories help plants thrive and optimize their growing environment. A heating element is the most obvious and necessary need as insulation only works if there is heat in the first place. There are various options for heating but any option will require a good vent system to prevent overheating or overdrying of the air. Pest control is also something to consider as well as methods of shading for plants that cannot take constant direct sunlight.

Gardening is an excellent hobby and one that can be achieved year round with the proper equipment and research. Sovereign Construction Services is here to help you begin your greenhouse journey. Call us today at (610) 639-2986