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One key consideration when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project is the type of shower wall to be installed. The variety of styles and materials available provide numerous options – so many, in fact, you might even have trouble deciding! Make your decision easier by understanding the alternatives. There are shower wall types that suit every bathroom remodel project and reflect your personal style preferences and budget. Other considerations include material type and color as well as how easy or difficult the material is to install. Keep reading to learn about the most popular shower wall options available today.

  • Fiberglass and Acrylic Surrounds: Fiberglass and acrylic-type shower walls arrive in your home as a single wall surround unit or as multiple units that fit together. Installation of these prefabricated walls is relatively quick and easy when compared to other shower wall materials and they result in a watertight wall surface. The most commonly used colors are white and beige, and they provide a clean, simple look that suits many bathroom types. Fiberglass is less expensive than acrylic, though it can be more easily scratched. Proper care and maintenance of both types are required to ensure they retain their clean look for many years to come.
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, and Glass Tiles: Tile, with its variety of colors and sizes, offers a virtually endless number of looks and style possibilities. Tiles make a statement, whether you use a single color with contrasting grout or combine different colors and sizes for a truly unique, custom design. The installation process occurs in multiple stages and generally takes several days to complete. Ceramic tile differs from porcelain in that it costs less and can be cut more easily. On the other hand, because porcelain is denser than ceramic, it is more durable. Tile and grout resist both water and staining but should be cleaned routinely to keep mildew at bay. And should a tile chip, crack, or become loose, simply replace the tile with a new one.
    Glass tile is similar to porcelain and ceramic tile in that glass comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Glass differs from porcelain and ceramic, however, in price (more expensive) and in how soap scum is more visible. Many builders and designers incorporate glass as an accent rather than cover an entire wall with it.
  • Stone Tiles: Stone tiles can be marble, granite, slate, travertine, and more, and each type has distinct qualities in terms of durability, texture, finish, and ease of installation. And each tile is unique in terms of the stone pattern and colors it displays. Though stone tile is costlier than porcelain and ceramic tile, it works well in just about any bathroom style, from contemporary to traditional, and adds an elegant look and feel to any space.
  • Solid Surface and Stone Panel Shower Walls: Solid surface shower panels are man-made, engineered stone panels that are both dense and highly durable. Solid surface panels come in a variety of styles and designs such as solid colors and granite, slate, and stone-look in shiny and matte finishes. Coloring is even and consistent throughout. Panel shower walls can be custom fit to work in any size shower space and cleaning them is a breeze. Common names among the variety of solid surface and stone panel shower wall types are Corian, Swanstone, Tere-Stone, CaesarStone, and Silestone.

With options like these – and others – your shower design options are virtually limitless. Steve Rush of Sovereign Construction Services is well experienced at remodeling bathrooms and showers. He has worked with all types of shower wall materials and can make recommendations on the best type for you based on your home, your style, and your budget. For more information or to request a no-cost estimate for your next bathroom or shower remodel project, call Steve today at 610-639-2986.