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Explanation of benefits for Aqua Guard coatings for glass shower panels

Design trends and preferences in recent years have increased the popularity of frameless glass shower enclosures. Whether full length or half wall, glass panels add a simple, clean look to a bathroom and let beautiful tilework show through. Over time, however, soap scum builds up and spotting from water’s mineral deposits appear on the glass which can dull the look and be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. As a result, the original luster of your glass shower walls is hidden and the glass looks dirty – not the effect you were going for.

To avoid the mess and keep your glass shower looking virtually new all the time, consider coating the glass with a specially formulated coating. Glass coatings protect the glass so it retains its luster, shine, and transparency. And, no more scrubbing or squeegeeing after every use. A glass-coating minimizes maintenance and may require nothing more than cleaning with water and wiping the glass panel down with a towel.
What, exactly, is the special coating that gets applied to shower glass? One brand, AquaGlideXP*, is described as an “ultra-protective coating that bonds to the glass, repelling moisture and soap film.” This product is applied at the factory and is designed to protect the glass with its effective water-repellent qualities. Maintenance is minimal – it is recommended that the glass is wiped down after every use, but the best results are achieved by performing an occasional squeegee of the glass and using a specialized glass cleaner. This coating minimizes buildup of soap scum, mildew, and hard water stains.

To go a step further and have a glass shower that is virtually maintenance-free, you can also purchase a specially engineered type of shower glass that “permanently protects from staining and shields water.” This product is called Guardian ShowerGuard – Forever Beautiful* and has a premium water shield built directly into the glass. It should be noted that the manufacturer recommends wiping down the glass after each use as well as periodic cleaning for best results.

Other shower glass coating manufacturers make similar claims and more, such as the reduced amount of cleaning; scratch and impact-resistant glass; the greater brilliance of the glass; protection of the glass surface from stains and scratches; more water repellent; and 100% clear glass.

Different manufacturers of shower glass panels and shower glass coatings each make their own claims in terms of the ongoing/regular maintenance required to keep the glass looking as close to new as possible. Homeowners who are looking to redo a bathroom or install a glass shower should do their homework and decide on the best type of shower glass or glass coating for their needs. If, after researching available products, you still have questions, talk to a professional, such as a home renovating contractor with experience in working with all types of glass enclosures. Steve Rush, the owner of Sovereign Construction Services, is one such experienced home remodeling expert. He is well familiar with shower glass types and shower glass coatings and knows the right questions to ask to ensure you get a product that meets your design and maintenance needs. Call Steve today at 610-639-2986 or contact him via email here.