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Windows come in a variety of styles. When it comes time to install new or replace existing windows in a home, homeowners, designers, builders, and contractors often take window location and the general architecture of the home into consideration when selecting the style of windows to be installed. Windows not only let in light and fresh air, they can contribute to the overall aesthetics and curb appeal of the home. Here we discuss the most popular window styles.

1. Double-hung window: Double-hung windows, also referred to as double panel or double sash, are probably the most common window style of all. Both the upper and lower sections of the window – the panels – open all the way up and down, which makes for improved ventilation. And, because the panels tilt in, cleaning the outside of the window can be done from inside the home.
2. Single-hung sash window: Single-hung windows are similar in look to doublehung sash windows, but only the bottom panel of the window opens while the top panel is fixed in place.
3. Casement window: If you can envision a window opening the way a door does – on hinges – that is how casement windows operate. This window style is most often used when a window is located in a spot that makes reaching and opening the window difficult, such as over a kitchen sink. Simply turn an easily accessible handle, and the window cranks open.
4. Awning window: Awning windows are another type of casement window. The only difference is that the hinge is at the top of the window, rather than the side. This hinge placement means the window opens outward from the bottom, giving the appearance of an awning from the outside.
5. Hopper window: Hopper windows are most typically seen in basements. This type of window is like an awning window, but the hinge is at the bottom and the window opens from the top, toward the inside of the room. Hopper windows are not usually large windows, but are used in places where ventilation is desired.
6. Bay and bow window: A bay window is, more correctly, a set of three windows – most typically, a large center window and a casement (or double-hung) window on either side – that projects outward. Bay windows are great for letting in as much light as possible and also for enjoying an unobstructed view out the window. A bow window is similar to a bay window, but bow windows have four or more window sections.

Fresh air and ventilation is easy, thanks to the combination of side windows that open. Homeowners should be aware, however, that bay and bow windows may require additional construction on the exterior of the home, including the roof.
7. Sliding window: Also referred to as a sliding sash window or glider window, this style consists of two side-by-side window panels that slide horizontally on a track. One, or both, panels can move. This type of window is a popular choice when the homeowner wants a large window that can be opened. Additionally, some people might find sliding windows easier to open than single- or double-hung windows.
8. Fixed window: Fixed windows add aesthetic interest to a home, as this type of window comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be customized to fit in with the home style and architecture. Fixed windows do not open or close, but serve to let in additional light, expand a view outdoors, or complement interior architecture such as vaulted ceilings. Common examples of fixed windows include picture windows and transoms.

Windows are an important element that contribute to the overall look and feel of a home. Here we’ve presented some of the most popular and typical window types used. Selecting the best windows for your home depends on the style and function you prefer. Home builders, designers, and architects would advise you to select windows that complement the entire home stylistically and architecturally. When it comes time to replace existing, or install new, windows, homeowners would do well to research the types available – and even rely on a window professional or builder for suggestions and recommendations.
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