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Warm weather beckons us to spend more time outside – gardening, cooking, or just reading a book and sipping a refreshing drink – that is, until the summer sun beats down and makes being outside impossible. One way to enhance outdoor living in the summer is to build a pergola in the back yard. A pergola provides varying levels of shade from the hot summer sun while still allowing cooling breezes to pass through.

What is a pergola?

The most common pergola structure has four vertical beams (like corner support columns) and overhead beams that can be crossed for a lattice design or built in one direction only. An average-size pergola is 10×18 feet, and the structure is generally open on all sides. Depending on space and personal preference, pergolas can be free standing over a deck, patio, or other smooth surface, or attached to a back exterior wall of a house. Pergolas can also be customized and built in a size that best fits the location where it will sit.

Why have a pergola?

There are many reasons for adding a pergola to your back yard or other outdoor space.

• The overhead crossbeams provide filtered shade underneath, but pergolas often include a canvas top that can be pulled open and closed as the sun moves, or a covering of light-filtering bamboo or climbing vines. • A pergola adds outdoor living space where families can entertain and enjoy a shady outdoor dining area, additional seating for just relaxing, or even a hot tub for unwinding at the end of the day. Some people string lights for added ambiance. • For privacy, you can add curtains or shades that can be lowered or tied/untied on one or more sides. • The sun and shade a pergola provides makes it the perfect area for growing outdoor plants, whether flowers or a mini vegetable garden. • A pergola can be built and customized in a variety of materials – wood, metal, vinyl – to meet every budget. • A pergola can be combined with other structures such as a deck to further expand outdoor living space and complement the overall design and architecture of your home. The versatility of a pergola allows for countless looks – and uses. • By adding a pergola, you increase the value of your home. Use and enjoy your pergola space for years to come, then reap a financial benefit when it comes time to sell.

• Do-it-yourselfers will enjoy the relative ease of building or putting together their own pergola. A qualified contractor can also assist in the design and build of a pergola, and make it fit to your exact specifications.

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