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Basement Egress for Safety and Comfort

Basement windows and doors are not only a source of light and fresh air, but are required by national and state residential building codes. Egress options may not be top of mind when building or renovating your home, but they are actually a critical component that require very specific attention. If you can picture a…

Sump Pump | Sovereign Construction Services

Do I Need a Sump Pump

A high percentage of homes will, at some point, experience some form of dampness or water damage in the basement, whether the damage is from flooding, a faulty appliance, a pipe leak, or some other unforeseen circumstance. Homeowners should be concerned about the potential for water damage and take steps to keep water out or…

Smart Home Technology | Sovereign Construction Services

What is a “Smart” Home?

Smart People Love Smart Homes The dictionary defines the term smart home as a home that is “equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.” Tasks most homeowners are used to handling themselves can now be automated to make life easier and getting things done more efficiently.…

Bathroom Renovation Broomall | Sovereign Construction Services

Keeping Your Shower Glass Looking Like New

Explanation of benefits for Aqua Guard coatings for glass shower panels Design trends and preferences in recent years have increased the popularity of frameless glass shower enclosures. Whether full length or half wall, glass panels add a simple, clean look to a bathroom and let beautiful tilework show through. Over time, however, soap scum builds…

Storm Damage | Sovereign Construction Services

After the Storm Passes

Storm damage/insurance claims – what should a homeowner do in the event of some kind of damage. Southeastern Pennsylvania sees its fair share of rain, wind, and snowstorms and other severe weather events year round. Prolonged frigid temperatures in the winter and rainstorms followed by flash flooding in the summer can wreak havoc on homes…

Eagleville Bathroom Renovation | Sovereign Construction Services

Shower Wall Options

One key consideration when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project is the type of shower wall to be installed. The variety of styles and materials available provide numerous options – so many, in fact, you might even have trouble deciding! Make your decision easier by understanding the alternatives. There are shower wall types that suit every…

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting | Sovereign Construction Services

Twelve Kitchen Remodel Essentials

Are you finally ready to remodel your kitchen? Maybe you already know which cabinets and flooring you want and are in the process of seeking bids from contractors. Before you make any final decisions or sign a contract for your kitchen remodel project, however, you’ll want to make sure the statement of work includes installation…

Bathroom Remodel | Sovereign Construction Services

Keeping All Your Floors Clean

Homeowners usually select flooring based on the room it will be in and family lifestyle. Flooring such as hardwood looks great in the living room but may not be appropriate in the kitchen. Ceramic tile, with its moisture resistant qualities, works great in the bathroom or laundry room. Vinyl is a favorite flooring type in…

Home Office | Sovereign Construction Services

Home Offices Designed for Productivity

Telecommuters and self-employed business owners comprise more than one-third of the U.S. workforce*. Because most of these people must do some, if not all, of their work out of a home office, their work space must be designed to ensure maximum productivity. In many cases, the space must also allow for meetings with clients and…

Multi Piece Tile Pattern | Sovereign Construction Services

The Best Grout for Each Use

Most people don’t get too excited over grout. Even the word grout is not exactly the sexiest you’ll find in the dictionary. But grout is an important and useful component when it comes to finishing and repairing tile work. What, exactly, is grout and what does it do? Grout is a type of concrete that…