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Wainscoting Explained

Wainscoting is a design element you can install to add an entirely new look to practically any room in your home. When quality products are used and installation is done professionally, wainscoting not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of a room, it can also add value to the home overall. What Is Wainscoting? Wainscoting is…

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Now You’re Cooking with Gas… Maybe!

A cooktop, also referred to as stovetop, is a surface that contains burners for cooking. Cooktops are either part of a larger stove or range appliance, or they are separate from the oven unit and built into a countertop area of the kitchen. Cooktops can be gas or electric, depending on the power hookup into…

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A Fireplace in Every Room? Yes, you can!

The fireplace has traditionally been the focal point in living rooms across America. A century ago, fireplaces with their brick surround and wide wood mantle, were functional as they were relied upon to heat a room. The advent of central heating in homes made fireplace use less about function and more about enjoyment and ambience,…

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Let There Be Kitchen Light!

Understanding the Variety of Kitchen Lighting Options The kitchen is the most popular room in the home – and for good reason. Parents and children spend quality time in the kitchen as they prepare meals and dine together; chefs and cook wannabes let creative juices flow as they test new recipes; and friends and neighbors…

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Understanding Green Building Standards

Today, more people than ever are environmentally conscious and adhere to at least one green practice in their daily life. Recycling is, perhaps, the most widely practiced, but so much more than recycling goes into building, operating, and maintaining a green home. Energy efficiency, water usage, the materials used in the building process, indoor environmental…

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Top Tips for Pet-friendly Remodeling

We love our pets! In a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association*, a whopping 68% of all U.S. households own one or more pet, with dogs and cats being the top pets owned at 48% and 38%, respectively. Since these four-legged friends are often considered another member of the family, why not…

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Why Install Hands-free Faucets?

Hands-free plumbing fixtures are no longer reserved just for restaurants and airports. These specialty faucets and toilets are becoming more and more mainstream as they gain in popularity and make their way into the average home. Though they evoke a sense of luxury, the reasons for installing these types of fixtures are, in fact, quite…

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Understanding Cabinet Finishes

In a previous blog, we discussed different types of cabinetry and how these add value and function to a home. Here we look at the most popular types of cabinet finishes and finishing techniques. Whether you finish your cabinets yourself or hire someone else to do the work, the products available in the market let…