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Flooring for Nontraditional Spaces

Traditional flooring such as carpet, hardwood, or laminate is fine for the family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. What about flooring for rooms or garages that have been designed or renovated for a nontraditional use, such as a weight room or home gym, a music room, an area for cleaning and taking care of pets?…

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Understanding Flooring Types – Part I

Flooring comes in seemingly countless varieties and styles, from carpet and linoleum to ceramic tile and hardwood. In most cases, people choose flooring based on the beauty it adds to a living or work space, but function and upkeep are other key factors to keep in mind when deciding which type of flooring to install.…

Vegetable Garden

Enter the World of Gardening: Vegetables

Have you reached the point where watering a few houseplants every week and cosmetically maintaining your landscaping is no longer rewarding? Are you ready to take your green thumb to the next level? Consider growing your own vegetables. Not only is it a rewarding hobby, you save money and time at the store and gain…

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Radiant Heating Warms More Than Just Your Feet

When winter’s cold winds are howling outside, does the thought of stepping onto a warm floor inside appeal to you? Underfloor heating, also known as radiant heating, can make that pleasant thought a reality. Some people think radiant heating is an expensive and unnecessary luxury, and that wool socks and area rugs are all that…

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Antimicrobial Tile? Who Knew?

Most people don’t stop to think about the tile they install in their homes as being antimicrobial or antibacterial. Most people do agree, however, on the need to keep their homes free of germs and microbes. Most people also agree that any step they take to reduce or eliminate germs is a step in the…

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Crown Molding’s Lofty Look

Crown molding, the interior trim that runs along the top edge of walls where they meet a ceiling, enhances the overall look of the room and draws the eye up and away from the floor. Given crown molding’s height on a wall and distinct architectural characteristics, the loftiness of crown molding (pun intended) can dramatically…

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Why Install Hands-free Toilets?

Touchless bathroom plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets are becoming more and more mainstream and making their way into bathroom remodels everywhere. Homeowners love the sleek design and high-tech features that provide a host of benefits – some obvious, some not so much. We have all seen toilets in public restrooms that employ a…